For many, an eye exam may only consist of a handful of tests, an eye chart and finally a prescription. When you visit an eye care physician, your eyes are given a thorough and complete evaluation. We start by listening to what our patients have to say. We respect your time spent in our clinics.

Each patient is unique. The recommendations and advice of your doctor will be tailored to your needs. As the doctors, we offer many different types of exams. Below is a description of each of them. If you have any questions, please feel free to call your nearest office.


Comprehensive Exam for Glasses


We guarantee the accuracy of our prescriptions. In determining your prescription, we take into account how your eye muscles work, your lifestyle, and preferred reading distances. In addition, we evaluate your optic nerve health using tests for how your eyes respond to light as well as color vision testing. Using a powerful microscope, we also check your lids and outer parts of your eye, and can detect eye allergies, pink eye, red eyes, and dry eyes. Finally, we dilate your eyes to rule out eye conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and many others. We are interested in helping you maintain your clear vision for years to come.


Contact Lens Evaluation and Fitting


We provide a wide array of the newest lens technologies, which are more breathable, less drying, and more comfortable than ever. We succeed with hard to fit contact cases, and also use contact lenses as treatments for keratoconus or surgically repaired corneas.

LASIK / Cataract Consultation


We manage your vision before and after LASIK. We co-manage with many TLC Centers throughout Southern California. We make sure that your vision is stable and your eyes are healthy and that you’re a candidate for surgery. Then after the surgery, we see you for a 1-day, 1-week, 1-month, 3-month, and 6-month follow ups to make sure your eyes are healing well and without complications. We will be with you every step of the way. All follow-ups are included with the LASIK fee.

Dry Eye Evaluation


Do your eyes sting, burn, tear, feel gritty or stay red? You may be suffering from Dysfunctional Tear Syndrome. We will determine whether or not your discomfort is due to deficient tear layers, inflammation of the lids, allergies, or a combination of these. Treatment could be one or more of the following: eye lid hygiene therapy, punctual plugs, prescription dry eye medication, antibiotics, and nutritional supplements.

Vision Therapy


It is a non-surgical method of treating eye turns, double vision, and difficulty with focusing, eye-hand coordination and binocular vision. VT has also been proven to help kids who have learning disabilities and who have difficulty with processing what they see or read. VT comprises of exercises of 30 minutes to an hour every week, to improve visual efficiency and perceptual skills.

Red / Pink Eye Evaluation


When you have pain in or around your eyes, discharge, redness, excessive tearing, extreme light sensitivity, swelling of the eyelids or the eye itself, your eyes may have been infected. The cause could be bacterial, viral, fungal, toxic, inflammatory, or allergic. Rest assured, our doctors are all experienced and are well certified to treat eye diseases.

You should visit your eye doctor regularly to keep your eyes healthy and monitor such conditions as:



The normal eye is a perfect sphere, where the cornea and lens focus light to form an image on the back inside surface of the eye known as the retina. With near sightedness the cornea's curvature is too steep for the shape of the eye. The light is focused in front of the retina, causing images of distant objects to appear blurry.



Farsighted eyes are either too short, or the cornea is not curved enough, which results in the focus point falling behind the retina. They cannot focus (or refract) light effectively, resulting in images closer to the eye being blurry while those at a distance remaining perfectly clear.



The front of the astigmatic eye has an irregular shape more oval like a football. Incoming light focuses at multiple points instead of one. Astigmatism can make wearing contact lenses difficult or even impossible.
Laser vision correction with VISX is now an option for people with astigmatism who want clear, comfortable vision.




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