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Dry eye is a chronic, multi-factorial, inflammatory disease that is the a common cause of these symptoms: 

Sandy or Gritty Sensation

Foreign Body Sensation 

Fluctuations in Vision 

Eye Strain and Eye Fatigue

Itchy or Scratchy Eyes

Watery Eyes

Red or Inflamed Eyelids 


Red Eyes
Contact Lens Intolerance

If you are experiencing any or a combination of these symptoms, please schedule a consultation with

Dr. Melissa Zhao to start a treatment plan. 

Dry Eye Products

We carry a variety of preservative-free artificial tears, heat masks, and lid wipes to help with mild dry eye disease. 

Dry Eye Procedures

If you have been diagnosed with moderate to severe dry eye disease, please speak with our dry eye specialist about these procedures we perform at our office: 

1) In-office Meibomian Gland Expression 

2) Punctal Plugs  

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